Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jim Butcher an up and coming world class writer

28 Feb 2012

Isaac Alp Bradley
Dowlen Rd.
Beaumont Texas

 Mr. Butcher

 Although I usually limit my occasional post to political subjects, I feel compelled to write you.

 I have read your entire series of Dresden File books, your blog etc…. I have watched every episode of your TV series and when ever some one mentions writing a book I recommend your posts on the subject.

 I also read the acknowledgements, author’s notes and cover flaps.
 I literally read your books from cover to cover.

 I have an issue; Changes was a cliff hanger and if you do an internet search on the subject; a lot of people agree with me.
 Although I enjoyed Side Jobs, the way it was marketed gave the impression it was need to bridge from Changes to Ghost Story.

 It made me wonder if someone needed to make a yacht payment.

 Last but not least, I understand that you do not to read ideas from fans, but you could at least allow readers to suggest two words twice a year. 
  I have written other authors and some responded and some did not, but none have or had a policy of not reading over anything a fan wrote.
 My two words are: Leprechaun and Dragon.

 Keep in mind, I don’t even up date my blog very often and I left your last book Ghost Story next to my computer for a long time before I decided to write (I do not find writing easy to do), I am getting to the age that it is a real possibility I could die with out ever saying what was on my mind.
 So I am going to say it, whether it’s Jim Butchers policies(?) are sanctimonious, President Obama is a closet Socialist or Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is too preachy for me.

 Thank you for your time.
 Isaac Alp Bradley


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mr Freeman: Letter

24 September, 2011
Isaac Alp Bradley

Mr. Freeman

I saw your interview on TheBlaze, where you describe the Tea Party as raciest.

Sir with all due respect, I believe you are mistaken, of the millions of Tea Party members are all of them racist hate mongers? Who are drooling for a chance to hang black people from the trees, as Representative Andre Carson suggested or as Representative Maxine Waters stated the Tea Party members should spend eternity roasting in hell.

Sir, is the Tea Party a group of hostage takers or terrorist? Or Hobbits escaped from the Shire? Maybe just crazy people who need mental health evaluations?

No sir, we are what was formerly known as the silent majority and after years of our elected officials pissing on us and saying “Its just rain, back to work”.
We are tired of it and we are not going to remain silent any longer.

Perhaps you could compare any Tea Party rally to any leftwing/ Progressive protest; I would suggest that you could start with the Wisconsin anti republican protest and compare that with the Washington D.C. Tea Party protest

There may be a few racists in the Tea Party, we have a big political tent, but I firmly believe more racist can be found at the NAACP or the DNC than any Tea Party rally.

Sir we want the government and the people who work there to mean what they say and say what they mean. We mostly want to stop the runaway growth of the government; we want a spending cut to actually be a cut not a slowdown in growth, we want to end the unfair alliance between the Unions and elected officials and the cozy relationship between industry and elected officials.

Sir we are tired of the political left (including most of the media) going out of there way to destroy the traditions and values of this nation (for example, happy holidays as opposed to merry Christmas), the never ending attacks on Christianity but the constant apology for and appeasement of Islam.

We have heard the cry of racism so much it is loosing it power. I would remind you of the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Last of all we do not care about the color of the president, it is his neo-socialist habits we are against, if Bill Clinton had done the things President Obama has done we the Tea Party would feel the same way about him.

Isaac Alp Bradley
Just another Hobbit