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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unofficial apology to Ms. Palin : Apology

Isaac Alp Bradley

Beaumont Texas

16 June, 2012

Re: Apology

Ms. Palin

As the unofficial, self appointed, unsanctioned, unwelcome, apology Czar of the Obama administration, of the United States of America.

I offer my humblest apologies to your self and by extension your family.

As I am sure you are aware it was entirely the fault of the previous administration of President George Walker Bush.

Although I am sure you and your family share a small portion of the blame, as you know, all Republicans want to cover the earth in oil and grind old people up for fish feed. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

I would like to extend an invitation to join the Democrat party, where you will be gently taught ( indoctrinated) that the Democrats offer eternal happiness and prosperity through taxing the evil rich (who stole there money from the poor any way).

As a democrat you can always live beyond you means, we just kick the trouble down the road to the next generation. Our next project is welfare for everyone just like Greece and France, just a little work and a life time of ease. We can always find some rich bastard to tax, any one making over $50,000 dollars a year for example.

Now on to the $1,000,000 donation from Bill Maher and his unfortunate comments regarding you and your family, If your join the democrats you and get your mind right, you will see that republican women are whores and sluts, who do not deserve help or mercy. Democrat women on the other hand get the full protection of the press and the administration. In fact as a democrat you could have any type of sex, when and where you want as often as you want, no mater how depraved and receive full protection of the liberal left and we will pay for it with the national health plan.

We are going to pass health care “two” after the election; this will re-class sex toys as health aids and the (tax payer) government will pay for it.

So you see there is no reason to give back the money, we will need it in states where people are still clinging to guns and religion.

If you would send in a donation to the Obama reelection campaign, you too can be well on your way to becoming a democrat drone.

Isaac Bradley

PS.   If you want to live the life of luxury, vote Democrat.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Presidential Victory: Blog

Debbie: Ahhhh the sweet smell of success, I will savor this for a long time.
We really put you teabag asses in your place; we won a victory that will last a hundred years.

Alp: Enjoy it while it lasts, you can not make any real changes when over half of the country is not behind you.

Debbie: They will come around just like Social Security and Medicare and eventually it will be expected, besides a little socialism is a good thing just like Albert Einstein said.

Alp: That is so progressive of you, and in a very limited way I agree, I am well aware of what talk radio thinks and I know the line of; our founding fathers never intended for any of this. I agree with that too, if every one could calm down and think it out.
1. There never has been this many people alive on the planet with the means of automated manufacturing.
2. The issues facing today’s people are mostly new.
3. Some times new (and old) problems require new solutions.

Debbie: Wow you have come a long way perhaps you won’t need reeducation, once we consolidate our power, starting with repealing the twenty-second amendment and a few other tweaks to the Constitution. For example banning all fire arms, taking control of the media, and fingerprinting/Dna files on every one.
We will achieve a world wide era of peace and prosperity.

Alp: That is at the least Marxist and some what freighting. What I meant is; in this day and age when people live so long, as compared to the 1800’s and live better than royalty of the 1800’s.
People or society needs Social Security and Medicare or a safety net.
In my youth after my father died my mother remarried a man with little education who drank a lot, if it wasn’t for welfare I would not have eaten and my monthly social security check was from time to time the only money we had, I know exactly what government (USDA) rice, peanut butter, cheese and powered milk tastes like. I know what food stamps are (were) and my mother learned to work the system to get cash from food stamps, from buying less than the face amount on the stamp you could get cash as change (most of the time).

But don’t think that I would ever buy in to the progressive / socialist / Democratic Party line.
As for world wide peace and prosperity, that has been tried before by the former Soviet Union , it did not work out well (in case you did not hear about it).

I will agree that some form of safety net is needed in the modern world as China is building, but when is enough, enough! What you socialists forget is some one pays for this, by force if need be.
I have been to Europe and it is a paradox, in that every one likes the benefits but every one complains bitterly about taxes.

Debbie: Are you saying the healthcare law is bad? It will help millions and like social security it will be a main stay of the United States. Also you will not pay taxes on it only the rich will and not by force.

Alp: Once again yes and no, I have seen older couples divorce but stay together in order to get more money and I have seen couples fight over who gets there prescription filled and who goes with out.
The issue with health care is that it was not set up to provide benefits to people; it is a mechanism to establish the Democrats power base for fifty years. It has all kinds of surprises and the manor the law was passed left a lot to be desired.
By the way, don’t pay your taxes and see what happens; you will get to meet new people.
I hope what Michael Moore thinks will happen, actually will happen (probably not).

Debbie: If you white racist, red neck, homophobes would see the light the world would be better off. Just what would you have done with health care, since you are soooo smart!

Alp: I was afraid you fell off your meds; that is the longest you have gone with out insulting me; you socialist can’t have a civil conversation.

I would have enhanced Medicare payments to doctors I would have created Medicare light for people under 65 that would consist of one doctor and lab/x-ray appointment per quarter and up to 65% help on prescriptions, I would allow a once a year catastrophic hospital stay. To pay for it I would recommend a 2.4 % across the board Medicare tax increase. Every thing else is not covered
As an example of course the above is not loaded with bribes, pay offs and sleazy back room deals.

Debbie: Wait! I thought you tea people where opposed to taxes of all types that you wanted all the benefits with out the taxes, you right wing hypocrites!

Alp: First, I too want the roads paved and the trash picked up, what I am opposed to is taxes imposed on me by subterfuge and out right lies. To be spent on who knows what.

Debbie: We will see won’t we? I will of course be right!