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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jim Butcher an up and coming world class writer

28 Feb 2012

Isaac Alp Bradley
Dowlen Rd.
Beaumont Texas

 Mr. Butcher

 Although I usually limit my occasional post to political subjects, I feel compelled to write you.

 I have read your entire series of Dresden File books, your blog etc…. I have watched every episode of your TV series and when ever some one mentions writing a book I recommend your posts on the subject.

 I also read the acknowledgements, author’s notes and cover flaps.
 I literally read your books from cover to cover.

 I have an issue; Changes was a cliff hanger and if you do an internet search on the subject; a lot of people agree with me.
 Although I enjoyed Side Jobs, the way it was marketed gave the impression it was need to bridge from Changes to Ghost Story.

 It made me wonder if someone needed to make a yacht payment.

 Last but not least, I understand that you do not to read ideas from fans, but you could at least allow readers to suggest two words twice a year. 
  I have written other authors and some responded and some did not, but none have or had a policy of not reading over anything a fan wrote.
 My two words are: Leprechaun and Dragon.

 Keep in mind, I don’t even up date my blog very often and I left your last book Ghost Story next to my computer for a long time before I decided to write (I do not find writing easy to do), I am getting to the age that it is a real possibility I could die with out ever saying what was on my mind.
 So I am going to say it, whether it’s Jim Butchers policies(?) are sanctimonious, President Obama is a closet Socialist or Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is too preachy for me.

 Thank you for your time.
 Isaac Alp Bradley


Jennifer Jackson – Literary Agent