Basic Info

1. About me......see blog post ( 02/07--02/17)of the same name.

2. Organizations I support, who did not ask me to support them; they have either given help to my self or some one I know.

Any way look at the above organizations or use one of your own, do a good deed for a stranger it will help your karma (what goes around comes around(meant in the casual American usage not the strict Buddhist meaning )).

  If you like what you see here thanks, if on the other hand you hate my guts, thanks for reading any way and we can agree to disagree.

 In case you are wondering, I am a capitalist who understands the concept of profit for ones labor. The idea of; to each according to their needs, has been tried over and over with no success any where.

The liberal utopia is a wet dream.


The Letter

Questions some one should ask.


The Apology

I have not heard the president apologize to any one in several weeks.

So in an effort to be helpful, I am appointing my self as the: Self appointed, unwanted, unwelcome, unpaid, unconfirmed Apology Czar.

Yes I know the term Czar (in American politics) goes back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and presidents of both party’s used them.