Monday, February 14, 2011

A Turn to the Center : Blog

Debbie: It’s been a while since you posted, I thought you gave up bogging.

Alp: No I have been under the weather, stimulating the health care industry. And having received the bill, I think maybe President Obama had a point.

Debbie: I am sorry to hear about you illness.

Alp: Well that is kind of you to care, thank you.

Debbie: No you Tea Bag Ass! I was hoping you would die and take your neo-conservative friends with you.
All of you are once again screwing up the country; even the president is being affected.

Alp: That’s the democratic and progressive Debbie I know, for a moment I thought that you have stumbled on reason. Yes President Obama is turning to the center just as Pres. Clinton did, although I think he is faking it.

The United States is a Center–Right nation and always has been.

Debbie: Never mind you NAZI bastard, I know you love the military and other right wing crap.

Alp: Well once again if you want Nazi’s you will need to contact Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi former speaker of the House. After all the Nazi form of goverment is a form of socialism.
In fact Europe is rejecting multiculturalism and socialism .

Debbie: We will see, elections have consequences.

Alp: I think the midterm elections made that point, perhaps the Obama administration should have been a little more civil and a little less in your face when he won.

Debbie: Go to Hell!

Alp: Another successful blog.