Monday, May 10, 2010

Patriotic war of 1812: Apology

Isaac Alp Bradley
7 May, 2010

Re: Apology

As the unofficial, self appointed, unsanctioned, unwelcome, apology Czar of the Obama administration, of the United States of America.

I offer my humblest apologies to your self, the people and the government of the Russian Federation, for the French invasion of Russia of 1812. I believe you know it as the Patriotic War of 1812

It has been revealed that the whole war was the fault of the previous administration of President George Walker Bush.

The war was conducted under the direct supervision of Vice President, Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney, who used alien technology and a time machine stored in area 51 to perform time experiments with the unforeseen consequences. This resulted in a change in the course of history.
The former vice president was only looking for a better vodka recipe.

It has been further revealed that the entire Bush family, friends and as yet to be named co-conspirators’ have amassed Hugh fortunes through war profiteering through time and alcohol sales of the new; Big D Cheney, brand of vodka.
All will be dealt with harshly.

Please take comfort in knowing the Obama administration is working around the clock to lay the heavy hand of government on every individual in the United States. We are doing this in the form of rules, regulations and taxes both overt and covert.

We would like to thank you for sending former communist party leaders to the United States, they have found full employment in the Obama administration and with numerous news originations and to a lesser extent various centers of higher education.

The Obama administration will soon begin a program of having the population spy on each other; this will require the hiring of additional specialist with population repression skills.

Isaac A Bradley

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