Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apology : Obama apology

Isaac Alp Bradley
12 April, 2010
Re: Apology

Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu

As the unofficial, self appointed, unsanctioned, unwelcome apology Czar of the Obama administration.

I offer my humblest apologies to your self, the people and the government of Israel on behalf of the people of the United States for the inexcusable treatment you received from President Obama and his administration during your latest visit to Washington.

President Obama displayed no tact or decorum and deeply embarrassed the United States.


Isaac Bradley

CC: Embassy of Israel
3514 International Drive Northwest Washington, DC 20008

Prime Minister of Israel

The Jerusalem Post



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unions: Blog

Debbie: I can not believe you attacked the unions, you homophobic, racist, low life.

Alp: First, thanks for the warm heart felt greeting, it is good to know the river of love is still flowing from the left.

But I did not attack unions I questioned a specific actions of local I.B.E.W. 357 or perhaps it should be the members of the local who are questioned.

Debbie: Every one including union members have the right to protest, are you out of your mind? Unions brought civilization to the work place.

Alp: 1st, I was a union member once and would be again should the opportunity arise. What I am driving at, is that protest and counter protest is one thing but deliberately trying to ambush and provoke a fight is going over the line.
Some of the unions are acting as the muscle of the Democratic Party just as most of the media serves as the unabashed propaganda arm.

Debbie: Bull! The unions and media are only countering the vast right wing conspiracy that…

Alp: I know, I know, it is George Bushes fault.

Debbie: No need to be snippy, unions brought us the weekend and child labor laws and a decent life to millions of people, you dammed red neck!

Alp: Red neck and proud of it! By the way, the term “redneck" was used in The West Virginia Coal Miners battle to unionize in 1921 and the term means different things to different people depending on who uses it and in what context, just like the “N” word.
But we are getting off track.
When unions radically attack the other side and get a pay off in the form of a special deal such as lower taxes on there health care plans, they are effectively sticking it to there neighbors, who must pick up the extra burden.

The fastest growing unions are in the federal government and state government , if you look at the states with the strongest unions you see the most problems; on average a government worker makes more in benefits and wages than private sector workers.

Debbie: You should be horse whipped and put in prison you racist ass! Unions are necessary in to day’s world; it is the only way to get a fair deal. A dumb ass such as your self would not understand that, you have no appreciation of the struggles of the every day workers. Unions are the back bone of democracy!

Alp: The point of a union in the modern age is to create jobs, not to be the back bone of any thing, as I remember the Soviet Union had unions and Lenin’s saying, "Trade Unions are a School of Communism".
How much money is spent on public schools in California? What is the union doing to help there state and neighbors? Not much I will bet, and did not Forbs name the NEA as the The National Extortion Association. Also do students receive a quality education?
Are the taxpayers receiving quality services for there money?

Debbie: What! I guess you want every one to go back to servitude and fear! I hope you die!!!

Alp: Another well reasoned thoughtful argument by a progressive, uber liberal, with your insight you will go far in the leftist power structure. There is nothing like a good horse whipping and prison time followed by death, all brought by the caring and compassionate left.

I picked the government unions because they (in my opinion ) get the most goodies for the least out put; that being said I (having been in a union) understand the need for them (unions) as most first level company managers have few people management skills, most of them start out thinking they are the new lord of the land. When any union sticks to pay, benefits and safety, I am all for them but when they venture in to abstract issues and volunteer to be the muscle for any political party they have went too far.

After all Jimmy Hoffa was a union leader. What picture comes to mind when you think of Mr. Hoffa and unions?

Debbie: Ok a few people have acted out; you should not paint the entire labor movement because of an isolated incident or two.
Most of the people involved in union activity are good and decent people only trying to improve the quality of their lives, after being hurt by Reaganomics and the Bush years.
You just don’t understand any thing.

Alp: I agree with the good and decent people part, as long as you mean the rank and file, but as for the bashing of President Reagan and President G.W. Bush I will save for a later day, but be advised; hands down President Reagan was the best president in modern times.
At the end of the day it is the union leadership that is trying to expand their power on the backs of the rank and file members. The question is to what purpose? Why would any one support a plan to slowly restrict the rights and freedoms of their fellow Americans? This is exactly what it looks like from my prospective, the union leader ship working hand and hand with the Democratic Party and the media. To what point?

Debbie: Perhaps you need a new point of view, after all president Bush trampled on the law too!

Alp: two wrongs don’t make a right. Mmm, new point of view? Do you mean re-education camps, cultural sensitivity class?
Oh by he way look at the California pensions and ask you’re self who ran them and what where their political leanings, and who profited. Plus who will pick up the tab? Tax payers, neighbors, fellow Californians, the rest of America or you?

Debbie: We will at this point just agree to disagree. I will be keeping an eye on you.