Saturday, April 3, 2010

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The War

Debbie: Today I want to ask why warmongers like your self support the war of aggression against Iraq.

Alp: Ok what about it.

Debbie: I am talking about the war president Bush started in order to enrich all of you war profiteers at the expense of the poor innocent people of Iraq, there was never any weapons of mass destruction; you homophobic, raciest, elitist republican bastard.

Alp: Here we go again, could you lay off the name calling I know it is a requirement of the politically left, but it is annoying.
I will agree that you have some valid points in regards to weapons of mass destruction but I do not believe it was started to enrich any one (at least as its primary goal), I personally think it was an opportunity to settle some old scores his father started.

Debbie: Ok now you are seeing the light welcome to the correct side of the street. There may be hope for you yet.

Alp: Hold on before you give me a membership card, I believe the war was worth while
If nothing else rid the world of a dictatorship and some good things happened, that of course where not reported by the leftist media.

Also no one ever mentions that Saddam Hussein had a chance to stop the war before it started, at the end of the first gulf war Iraq agreed to scrap all germ weapons and poison gas and allow UN observers to inspect the sites. After the war UN inspectors could not verify compliance.

Debbie: Good God that is weak and you think that is a good reason to go to war?
You right wing, bible thumping hypocrite! I will agree that Iraq was some what cagey with inspectors but war!

Alp: Calm down, your little heart will explode. Yes I am sure there was internal local and regional politics involved. Saddam had to look strong in Iraq and out side Iraq for both political and cultural reasons. But so did President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, once tens of thousands of troops were moved and billions of dollars spent, war was all but a done deal. Had Saddam said “ok you are right we will do what ever is necessary right now in order to avoid bloodshed “. And actually followed through, every one could have saved face and Saddam would still be there.

Debbie: Well, I will agree the Middle East is a manly macho part of the world and Saddam could have been toppled had he knuckled under, but he was dammed if he did and dammed if he did not. It was all George Bushes fault.

Alp: I disagree, the blame can be laid at the feet of every administration from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton on to George Herbert Walker Bush as all of them did not respond strongly enough to terrorism when and where ever it happened.

Debbie: No you are wrong, with the exception of Ronald Reagan; he was a warmonger too, like all republicans and tea baggers.

Alp: Wow you really drank the cool aid and had an extra serving. Saddam Hussein was an evil man who lead an evil government, he or his government committed crimes every day. The leftist media knew it but put money before their supposed high ideals and integrity.

Debbie: listen here you raciest, homophobic, right wing ass! I guess you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Laura Anne Ingraham just like a good NAZI.

Alp: First of all the term Nazi means: National Socialist German Workers' Party and I would think that Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi would have a better understanding of socialist and all things left wing. Second, I also I also watch Keith Obermann and read the Huffington Post and try to see the other sides, point of view since I am a true independent. I think both sides have valid points on various issues, but as far as the war is concerned or should I say wars? I will support the right side of the political spectrum.

Also I will support the troops come hell or high water.

Debbie: So I guess you’re a veteran and a true warmonger, you make me sick.

Alp: Yes I am a Vet and proud of it. It is soldiers, veterans and patriots who have put life and limb on the line for two hundred years so you can freely speak about what ever comes in to your small closed minded little head; and even though you’re a progressive or socialist you still enjoy privileges you would deny others.

Debbie: Make up your mind, it’s either progressive or socialist, and politics aside the wars are wrong. Look at how long it is taking! The money spent the lives lost, our international prestige in the toilet. You dammed, conservative, homophobic, raciest low life! Also it is talk radio that is causing discontent.

Alp: How ever you define yourself politically is of little matter, your desire to fundamentally change the United States is the issue.
While we are at it could you please stop calling me names!
Yes war is expensive, as is doing nothing or even worse appeasement and the time it is taking is on par with other insurgency actions and it is being conducted with a lot more political correctness than any time in the past.
As far as talk radio is concerned; it is a bastion of freedom, a main component of an alternative point of view as opposed to 90 percent of the national media who would love to go back to restricted news, whose content is decided by them.
The international standing of the United States will rise and fall but when some other nation needs help, I am sure they will call.

Debbie: We will see.