Monday, March 8, 2010

Shock and Awe:Blog

President Obama’s first year.

Debbie: I think the president is doing a wonderful job, if it wasn’t for those dam republicans and all the right wing extremist tea bag asses, the country would by on the right tract.

Alp: Wow that’s sure is a progressive out look.

Debbie: It is frustrating, we have all the power, and we have the entire legislative body, the executive branch, all most the entire national media with the exception of Fox who should not count as a media outlet.

Alp: So before you went on a side track demonizing Fox, your point was?

Debbie: I don’t understand why we have not fundamentally changed the United States government; we could reverse decades of right wing crap. We could take our place as a proud member of the nations of the world as equals not as America the empire throwing our weight around.

Alp: Ok. Let’s look at it from a different prospective.
I think president Obama is 1. natural presidential material and 2. he was thrust in to the Oval Office way too soon as he never really did any thing of substance with the exception of community organizing and I am not sure that counts.
I will bet the president is missing the days when he had rock star status. It is one thing to stand out side and rabble rouse (I mean community organizing by him) it is something else to be responsible for the very same government.
He made promises he could not keep and instead of turning the other cheek at the first hint of opposition his administration turned to the tried and true Chicago style of politics on a national level.

The United States is what it is by virtue of our place in history, our form of government; our manifest destiny (to promote and defend democracy throughout the world) or perhaps American exceptionalism would be a better description.

Otherwise we should tell the world to piss off.

Debbie: What! Are you some dammed tea bagger? Manifest destiny my ass, people like you are dangerous and should be locked up, the progressive way is better all the way around.
I will have you know the president has kept some promises and if it wasn’t for lowlifes like your self we would be better off.
Also the president had to defend his self against you right wing nuts.

Alp: Calm you self, your working your self in to a lather.

First of all there is nothing wrong with any one who belongs to the tea party movement and according to Mrs. Clinton it is your duty to protest. She did say” We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”
I would think a progressive, such as your self would agree.
America is the most generous nation on earth and it would be irresponsible for the United States not to take the lead around the world if for no other reason than we can. Only a progressive or a communist would want to lock up the opposition.

Debbie: I know what you are doing you racist bastard, you hate the president because he is black, I bet you are a not only a teabager but a birther too.

Alp: First, teabager has a sexual conation, its tea party protester and second, I have no interest in president Obama’s birth certificate, If the Clinton political machine could not find any thing then I do not believe any one else will, and at this point it is academic any way.
Before you call me any more names let’s settle the air; I could care less what color the president is, in fact I was hoping Condoleezza Rice would face Mrs. Clinton in a grudge match for the White House.
What I care about is the power grab and the unlimited spending and while we are at it. I am of the belief that all politicians lie, you can tell just by watch to see if there lips move.

Debbie: I bet you voted for McCain you racist; you just could not bring your self to vote for a black man. Its hate like yours that is holding the president back, its just part of the vast right wing conspiracy, between right wing radio and you baggers, you are holding back what could be a shining moment in American history.

Another thing, I bet you love George Bush and he started the power grab and the spending. You can not lay this at the feet of the Democrats.

Alp: Well you are correct more or less, I did vote for president Bush twice, and he did start spending with the help of congress and the senate, that happened to be in the control of the democratic party.
At one time I thought he was running for the Presidency of Mexico, just like I thought president Obama was running for the office of President of Europe.

Debbie: I know for a fact if your racism was not a factor you too would see that president Obama is the answer to every thing that ills our nation. I also will concede that the Democrats had a small part in the train wreck that is the national economy, but this is why we must pass the presidents legislation to save the nation.

Alp: That is exactly why we must not pass the legislation it will slowly strangle freedom with never ending layers of bureaucracy and rules. Slowly like a frog in a pan of water who dose not notice the temperature rising.
For example the presidents health care plan that he intends to ram through and his mismanagement of the economy by waffling on decisions (waiting on the focus group to decide) and creating uncertainty; this has the look of a sell out but I am not willing at this time to say that is the case.

Debbie: Is there not any thing you like about the president?

Alp: Sure, even though I do not like his health plan I admire his conviction on pressing forward, and some time when he forgets where he is and speaks candidly I appreciate it; for example when he listened to the credit card industry and told a credit card rep. to make there pitch or his out reach to the Muslim world and I will concede he has done things on the margin that are ok, and he is already setting up for reelection( Oh Joy ).

The thing is, my disagreements with the president dose not make me a raciest and I would love to have a beer with him.

Debbie: we will see!

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