Sunday, February 7, 2010

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About me, I am old enough to take a real interest in Social Security and Medicare but not old enough to be able to use it.
I have many interests but I follow politics closely, it is the only real theater. I am not rich or even well off (by American standards) and in my youth I had first hand, close up, in-depth exposure to poverty, I have first hand knowledge of life on the wrong side of the tracks.

I am white, male and in my field, educated. That education (as you will see) did not include a lot of English composition and to add insult to injury it has been a long time since I wrote any thing of substance.

I am sure any one who reads this is now wondering just why in the word some one like this would try to write.

The answer is;
1. I am not getting any younger.
2. I want to add my voice to the national conversation.
3. I feel that not doing well is better than not trying.
4. Considering what I have read and heard on TV and radio, I can not do much worse.
5. Since the President of the United States, Who received his education at one of Americas most esteemed centers of higher education and is a published author, attorney and community organizer. Feels free to speak with out the facts, such as the Gates incident, or about the Vienna Summit where President Kennedy met with (Soviet leader Nikita) Khrushchev and the Hanford nuclear waste clean-up or my favorite; doctors cut off feet to make $30,000 a foot, President Obama said "If that same diabetic ends up getting their foot amputated, that's $30,000, $40-$50,000, immediately the surgeon is reimbursed।"

Why should I muzzle my self?

I have chosen to use a point counterpoint method for this blog as it is (for my self) a better way to make my point and will aid in writing. I have also chosen to model my opponent after a friend of my daughter, who would argue with a fence post and go to extra ordinary lengths to make her point.

Given the choice, I would live in Hawaii watch the waves roll in and drink Kona coffee, get a part time job and live happily ever after.

I am a fiscal conservative but I like to think I am more moderate in other areas (live and let live).

Last of all I apologize in advance for errors in grammar, I hope time (your patience and understanding) and practice will help.

Now for the rules:
1. Please do not send me 10 page e-mails; I do not have time to read them.
2. Also if I am wrong please explain with FACTS why I am wrong, or in error but comments such as; you suck are not very informative.
3. There are a lot of reasons to get mad but please check your emotions, I will give serious thought to a fact based, rational argument, but unless we both experienced the event (what ever event it may be) and view it the same way, we will never have a meeting of the minds vis-à-vis emotion.
4. Between writing that is grammatically correct or rhetorically interesting I will strive for the rhetorically interesting and some day may achieve both.
5. If the above is not good enough…………………Oh well, thanks for reading.

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