Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unofficial apology to Ms. Palin : Apology

Isaac Alp Bradley

Beaumont Texas

16 June, 2012

Re: Apology

Ms. Palin

As the unofficial, self appointed, unsanctioned, unwelcome, apology Czar of the Obama administration, of the United States of America.

I offer my humblest apologies to your self and by extension your family.

As I am sure you are aware it was entirely the fault of the previous administration of President George Walker Bush.

Although I am sure you and your family share a small portion of the blame, as you know, all Republicans want to cover the earth in oil and grind old people up for fish feed. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

I would like to extend an invitation to join the Democrat party, where you will be gently taught ( indoctrinated) that the Democrats offer eternal happiness and prosperity through taxing the evil rich (who stole there money from the poor any way).

As a democrat you can always live beyond you means, we just kick the trouble down the road to the next generation. Our next project is welfare for everyone just like Greece and France, just a little work and a life time of ease. We can always find some rich bastard to tax, any one making over $50,000 dollars a year for example.

Now on to the $1,000,000 donation from Bill Maher and his unfortunate comments regarding you and your family, If your join the democrats you and get your mind right, you will see that republican women are whores and sluts, who do not deserve help or mercy. Democrat women on the other hand get the full protection of the press and the administration. In fact as a democrat you could have any type of sex, when and where you want as often as you want, no mater how depraved and receive full protection of the liberal left and we will pay for it with the national health plan.

We are going to pass health care “two” after the election; this will re-class sex toys as health aids and the (tax payer) government will pay for it.

So you see there is no reason to give back the money, we will need it in states where people are still clinging to guns and religion.

If you would send in a donation to the Obama reelection campaign, you too can be well on your way to becoming a democrat drone.

Isaac Bradley

PS.   If you want to live the life of luxury, vote Democrat.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jim Butcher an up and coming world class writer

28 Feb 2012

Isaac Alp Bradley
Dowlen Rd.
Beaumont Texas

 Mr. Butcher

 Although I usually limit my occasional post to political subjects, I feel compelled to write you.

 I have read your entire series of Dresden File books, your blog etc…. I have watched every episode of your TV series and when ever some one mentions writing a book I recommend your posts on the subject.

 I also read the acknowledgements, author’s notes and cover flaps.
 I literally read your books from cover to cover.

 I have an issue; Changes was a cliff hanger and if you do an internet search on the subject; a lot of people agree with me.
 Although I enjoyed Side Jobs, the way it was marketed gave the impression it was need to bridge from Changes to Ghost Story.

 It made me wonder if someone needed to make a yacht payment.

 Last but not least, I understand that you do not to read ideas from fans, but you could at least allow readers to suggest two words twice a year. 
  I have written other authors and some responded and some did not, but none have or had a policy of not reading over anything a fan wrote.
 My two words are: Leprechaun and Dragon.

 Keep in mind, I don’t even up date my blog very often and I left your last book Ghost Story next to my computer for a long time before I decided to write (I do not find writing easy to do), I am getting to the age that it is a real possibility I could die with out ever saying what was on my mind.
 So I am going to say it, whether it’s Jim Butchers policies(?) are sanctimonious, President Obama is a closet Socialist or Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is too preachy for me.

 Thank you for your time.
 Isaac Alp Bradley


Jennifer Jackson – Literary Agent